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Best Smartphones of 2015

There were so many smart phones released last year and mobile industry saw so much of competition in smart phone arena. As usual Apple came up with its ever awesome upgraded iPhone variant but real fight came within Android devices. There are so many competitors. We tried to list here top 5 smart phones of 2015 which made noise in the market when they released.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung galaxy s6 truly the top android smartphone with amazing specs beautiful sleek design and an improved software. Design looks very attractive with QHD screen and high clarity camera. Upgraded fingerprint scanner, heart rate scanner and newly added wireless fast charging features attract the users.Although it has improved very much but some go missing. No micro SD card support, the battery cannot be removed and no waterproof support.

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Google Nexus 6p

Emerging from Google family Nexus 6p stands out to be the best cellphone with affordable price range, stylish metal design, powerful hardware support and unique rear mounted finger print scanner feature. Massive screen with WQHD display makes watching movie, viewing image, playing games and browsing more interesting. Running with the original Android software, the users of this phone do not need to worry about updates as Google Pushes its latest Android updates first to these devices only. Good battery life with quick charge feature, front facing speaker add extra attractive features to the Nexus 6p device.

Huawei Nexus 6P - 64 GB Graphite (U.S. Version: Nin-A12) - Unlocked 5.7-inch Android 6.0 smartphone w/ 4G LTE (U.S....

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Sony Xperia Z5

Undoubtedly Sony’s flagship smartphone Xperia Z5 takes the place in the race. Compared to previous versions of Sony devices, the Sony Experia Z5 is a big update in this year. It contains significant features like fingerprint sensor and also designed with a frosted glass on back side. One of the great features in Xperia Z5 is no overheating issues like before. There is no fear even you can drop this in the water because it has the water resistant design. There should be some improvement in display. As you already know its not cheap smartphone. The price range needs to come down else it is an amazing one to have.

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Iphone 6s plus

The iPhone 6S plus is the Apple’s second big screen phone which is slightly larger than iPhone 6S. This second Apple’s phone contains a lot of elements so it becomes a great phone in the top list now. Its screen is full HD and designed with stunning color reproduction. The back camera has features of optical image stabilization that means no more problems with low light video and photography. It has really a good battery because it has an extra space to cram a few more mAh units. This iPhone version is really something special for iPhone fans in years with lot many new features.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB US Warranty Unlocked Cellphone - Retail Packaging (Rose Gold)

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HTC one M9

HTC mobile phones are in top charts for the last two years and HTC one M9 is no different. It is very sophisticated and really powerful device to use. HTC one M9
Priced little less than its competent Samsung galaxy 6s the HTC one M9 seems to dragged its users quite well. Elegant curved shape design with shiny metal finish look remains same as its previous version.

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HTC one M9 now comes with new added features like the 20MP camera got new sapphire camera lens at the back which delivers clear crisp images. There is anti scratch coating preventing device from accidental fall on the ground. Front facing speakers with built in amp-Dolby Audio surround deliver excellent audio output. This is one of the awesome cell phone to have in 2015.


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