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Nikon D3400 Keeps Everyone Guessing Till Release

Expectations are high as most digital camera buyers waiting for Nikon D3400 release and also in a fix whether to go ahead with buying other DSLR cameras such as Nikon D3300 or D5500. Nikon cameras are loved by most photographers of almost all levels i.e. beginner, amateur and professional. However, all those working behind the camera lens out there will be dejected because of the fact that every information about D3400 is unconfirmed.

At the moment, only rumors can throw some light as to what Nikon D3400 is coming up with in terms of important specifications. One can only wait to see whether it will outperform its progenitors with the loaded features.

Though hypothetical in nature this is the vague assessment by and large about Nikon D3400 keeping in mind there will be advanced technology in use for better DSLR production.

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Possible specifications for Nikon D3400

1. Camera resolution:

It is most likely to stay unchanged and will continue to be 24.3 MP. This sensor is the best option available in the market right now.

2. ISO:

ISO too is expected to stay 25,600. One would like it to be 51,200, but that would be impractical.

3. Picture size:

The size of picture can either be 5680×4256 pixels. Higher size would mean that picture size will stand at 6000×4000.

4. Lens mount:

Nikon D3400 will be available with F lens mount unless D3400 goes mirrorless.

5. Dxo high score:

Shall stay at 1385, good enough for a DSLR Aps-c Camera. Nonetheless, improvements can be done if there is a delay in release date.


Nikon D3300 overview, what D3400 has to match up

Like the predecessor, Nikon D3300 was an instant hit and managed to stay high on the list of good DSLRs. Nikon D3300 was smaller is size compared to D3200 and there were a lot more refinements than just build.

Though the basic layout and interface for LCD controls were largely unchanged, what truly worked in its favor was its ergonomic design that facilitated better control. As mentioned its size was small and was reduced by 3mm in width and 5 mm in depth. No wonder the first thing everybody would like to see is some alteration in size for D3400. Another area to work on would be subtle resolution improvement. D3200 did so by ditching OLPF or optical low pass filter.

A known fact to everyone is that D3300 was carrying EXPEED 4 image processor that was exclusive to D5300 earlier. By the virtue of EXPEDD 4 image processor, D3300 could shoot still images at 5 frames per second. The video shoot was done at an impressive 60 frames per second. If Nikon D3400 is to be the true successor, it must improve these numbers. It is more than imperative to do so as D3200 could shoot still images at 5 frames per second whereas D3200 could do the same at 4 frames per second.

ISO is one key area that could be a decider for Nikon D3400. Though it can still carry on with a current capacity of 100-25600 but a certain section of photographers’ fraternity will seek expansion for sensitivity that a DSLR has.

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To be better than Nikon D3300

  • Nikon D3400 must improve its battery life. D3300 EN-EL14 lithium-ion battery had CIPA rating of capturing 700 shots after single complete charge
  • Improved battery life in Live View mode can also make Nikon D3400 a standout. At least in its own clan
  • D series DSLRs will be scripting revolution if Nikon D3400 is packaged with a wireless connection. Wired connections USB 2.0 should be included anyway. So should a 3.5 mm jack port


Surpassing Nikon D5500 with Nikon D3400

Let’s face it; this will be a tough one. Nikon D5500 has almost everything it takes and certainly looks superior to the yet to release D3400. Needless to say, even D3300 cannot possibly stand a chance.

But Nikon D3400 can pull it off if it is available at an intermediate price range i.e. between D5300 and the price of its predecessor.

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At the same time small improvements like reduction in weight, more room on lens mount to provide better grip can make it a preferable DSLR based on first impression. For the top view if the controls and design stay the same as D5500 then it could be a plus for D3400.

Nikon D3400 can be complete DSLR provided it includes the high definition.

HDMI video output- a feature not found in D5300. Nikon should be wary of the fact that moving HDMI connector beneath made holding the camera a little clumsy.


To stay at par with Nikon D5500

  • Capturing of still shots and battery life has to be close to 820 shots
  • Nikon D3400 has to cut down on overall size to some extent
  • Flip out screen will not only enhance photography but will also be convenient for video shoots
  • Nikon D5500 screen is 8.1 cm large; D3300 has a 7.6cm screen. Nikon D3400 has to pull up to 8.0 cm
  • Noise reduction in ISO is very much required for the expected and improved D3400
  • Few buttons for overall use can be convenient and less baffling for photographers starting from scratch
  • Viewfinder measuring the same as D5500 can be an addition D3400 would like to have
  • Almost cent percentage coverage with pent mirror viewfinder must be achieved

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Price and Release date of Nikon D3400

Right now there is anything but rumor that is surrounding the Nikon D3400 release. Undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited DSLR at entry level and yet very little is known.

As per latest developments and inputs the release could be witnessed during the early or mid-quarter of 2016.

The release of Nikon D3400 holds such importance because of the rising demand of better spec camera by beginner and amateur alike. Nikon D3300 is still pretty much a catch but has few shortcomings when compared to mighty D5500. On the other hand, D5500 hits hard on the price front on a few potential buyers.

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