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Top 10 cool gadgets to buy in 2016

It’s that time of the year again, when a lot of future technology device lovers start looking to see what are the latest gadgets and gizmos upcoming year has to offer. If you’re reading this you’re on the right path to see the best gadgets to look forward to in 2016. Here is list of top 10 cool gadgets to buy in 2016.

1. Samsung galaxy s7

With the release of Samsung s6, and s6 edge later this year, Samsung has proven to be the best android phone manufacturer. With speculations that the Samsung s7 will be released next year, let’s see if Samsung will raise the bar again, this time when they release the Samsung galaxy s7 next year. The Samsung s7 has gained a name for itself already and it is nicknamed “Project Lucky” and we are expecting two different models ‘hero and hero2’

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Samsung s7 specs:

The hero and hero2 will be a 5.2-inch device and 5.8-inch device respectively, with a Quad HD display.  It is likely Samsung will use ‘exynos’ processor in either devices or ‘Qualcomm SD820’, it is also likely the device will support MicroSD cards. The camera is expected to be 16-megapixel secondary camera (rear camera) and a 5-megapixel primary camera (front camera). Also, there are rumors the camera, maybe up to 20-megapixel ISOCELL sensor, and Samsung galaxy s7 release date will be known on 21st of February, the eve of mobile world congress 2016.

2. iPhone 7

There will definitely be a new iPhone in 2016, and it is likely to follow the normal trend and date apple releases its phones. So we’re suggesting new iPhone 7 release date will be someday around October 2016.

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It will feature the new iOS 10, with newer and better hardware. We are suspecting apple will work on the camera too, and it will definitely be better than the previous models.  It will increase the functionality of the 3D touch display. There are also speculations that it won’t have a headset socket.

3. Blackberry Vienna

This is going to be an Android handset, and it has a nice nickname already “Vienna”. Blackberries are really going into the android world. If the blackberry private is followed by a high standard ‘Vienna’, then I guess the likes of Samsung, LG, etc. ruling the android market should be ready to well a new competitor. Vienna will have a keyboard fixed to its large display screen.

There are rumors the Vienna will be way lesser and cheaper in price than the blackberry private. So you can be rest assured that if you don’t get a private, then your money should be able to land you a Vienna.

4. Sony Playstation 5

Well, it is a well known fact that after the release of playstation 4, a lot of playstation fans couldn’t see the need to upgrade from a playstation 3 to the playstation 4, this is due to the fact that the playstation 4 didn’t thrill the fans and there was no better improvement. Ever since, Sony Company has been trying to come out with a better upgrade that will make the fans happy again. There is no clear prediction about how the playstation 5 will look like; either a box, or cloud-based. But it promises to be a high technology to be revealed in the future

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Playstation 5 release might have below special features:

You may not need a TV. You play using the head mounted display
You may store data won’t have a disk

5. Nextbit Robin

Nextbit is taking it a step ahead into the future again, this time with the unique storage management approach. The main feature of the nextbit robin is how it stores your files. The device comes with 32GB of internal storage, but has 100GB of cloud storage. It works with the cloud, it stores your files not only pictures, but also your applications and data too, and you get to retrieve all this when you need it.

It can sync up your applications and files, saving them in the cloud, this means it can free-up your local storage and you won’t run out of storage when you need it.

6. Google Project Ara

It was initially created by Motorola, but the project is owned by google now after the sale of Motorola to Lenovo. Because of this it is one of the most anticipated gadget in 2016. Project Ara is essentially an exoskeleton that allows users to modify any parts they want. That way someone that wants to spend much of the budget on the camera quality, but doesn’t need much storage, can choose to upgrade that way.  This allows customers to skip and pick their preferred feature. It is also likely there will be third party components on offer that will allow for competitive pricing as well as new types of parts.

7. Wireless Sound System from Devialet

Devialet has been a company famous for presenting with extraordinary work that has enabled them to come up with surprises like this one. This is a perfect example of being simple, but a handy gadget to own. The sound quality of the product is excellent and the wireless capability gives it a new height of technology. The price of the product is around $1400 and you can control it with an app. Matches with any design and any kind of room, but suited for the living rooms.

8. Battery Charger from Stunning Gadgets

We all need battery chargers, but this product from Stunning Gadgets is totally different. First of all it is a solar charger. Well, there is a lot of variety of that available in the market, but this one is special and far better than its competition. With a guarantee period of a life time, this charger has a built in battery of 5000mAh, active solar cells and charging ports: 2 of them. You can take it to the camp trips and hiking and it can prove to be the most valuable of the gadgets that you can carry with you.

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9. Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS

You can surely find a bundle of keyboards with Bluetooth support, but none of them will fit your iOS device the best. They are normally designed for several OS and but when you try to use it on your device they do not work nicely. This is where Stunning Gadgets steps in and brings the ultimate keyboard for your iOS device. This device is Bluetooth controlled and can be connected to other Bluetooth supported devices as well, but the shortcuts will work excellent with the iOS devices and can prove to be useful if you need to type a lot on your Apple device.

10. Foldable smartphone by Samsung

This is the era of smartphones and we all know how difficult and competetive it is for the manufactures  to develop variety of devices to satisfy customers and stay in the leading zone. A few years ago Samsung revealed its plans about foldable smartphones which made people curious and now its said that in early 2016 Samsung may launch its first foldable smartphone to market. It might have a textbook like design and many more new features. We will wait and see when it finally comes to consumers. So Samsung’s foldable smartphones are the one’s to look forward this year.

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